Lyons eatery on Boylston, Christopher Coombs new restaurant Deuxave. & Six Burner

According to the Herald, Patrick Lyons plans to convert the shuttered Vinny T’s of Boston on Boylston Street into the Back Bay Social Club... Can't wait to see what the Restaurant & nightclub king has in store for us!

dbar Executive chef Christopher Coombs will open Deuxave in the Back Bay this Summer catering to the Back Bay Neighborhood & serving afforadable fair.... we are hoping similar fare to what he is currently serving up on Dot Ave. but whatever road he goes we are sure it will be good.

and walking by the mall the other day, we noticed that Firefly is now Six Burner. Hum... when did that happen? Still under the same ownership, Six Burner serves up comfort food at modest prices.