Taza Needs our Help!!

Over the weekend of the 10th & the 11th, Somerville was bombarded by a flashflood that caused much damage to many local businesses and homes. Unfortunately, Taza Stone Ground Chocolate was hit hard when 16 inches of floodwater rushed into their brand-new space. All of their new chocolate grinding and processing machines were damaged. Every machine has to be replaced after only producing one batch of chocolate in this new location.

Friends over at Tomasso Trattoria and Panzano are helping out by offering 15% off Taza Chocolate this week and this weekend, July 23rd- 24th: Spend $50 or more at Panzano including 2 or more Taza chocolate products and receive a free Taza Cocoa & Mass. Farmer’s Market Tote!*

Taza is a small business, just like Panzano, producing high quality and unique products for an appreciative crowd. These chocolates are stone ground with authentic Oaxacan stone mills instead of steel refiners. Due to this imperfect surface of a granite millstone, unrefined cacao particles and sugar granules remain in the finished chocolate, which gives their bars a distinctive granular texture and delicious chocolate flavor!