A Sinful Sushi Lunch at beni

Craving something on the healthier side and always on the hunt for great restaurants serving lunch, the Where to Eat team set out today for beni, located at 405 Hancock Street in North Quincy.

If you're a fan of sushi, you've probably experienced that familiar worried feeling when trying a new restaurant, that your sushi may not be good, because there's so much as stake!.... So, in we bravely ventured, only to find an adorable sushi cafe. Modern and minimalistic yet comfortable, you can breathe easy, beni will not only please but delight! The sushi chefs were extremely friendly and informative, telling us where we could get a 'Make Your Own' Sushi kit, even though I'm sure ours would pale in comparison.

We ordered the Mango Madness Maki (
mango, shrimp, cucumber and tempura bits roll, topped with thinly sliced tuna and spicy mayo) which was a blend of truly amazing flavors, the Shrimp Tempura Maki because you can never go wrong with shrimp tempura... and the Volcano Maki (tuna and avocado roll topped with tempura bits, spicy sauce and tobiko) which was actually served in the shape of a volcano with spicy mayo and tobiko 'exploding' out!

Best of all, our most expensive specialty roll was only $7.50! Needless to say... I know where I'll be begging to go to lunch from now on. Healthy food, great taste and all at a good price!