Boston Globe announces "Ginger Park"....

Banq, the South End restaurant outfitted with ribs of blond wood and a menu influenced by India and Asia, is morphing. It is slated to reopen as Ginger Park at the end of the month. The new chef will be Patricia Yeo, who moved to Boston from New York for the project. Yeo was previously at Monkey Bar, Sapa, Pazo, and AZ, among others.

Patricia Yeo will be chef at Ginger Park. (Associated Press)

The food will be "modern Asian," according to Chris Haynes of PR firm CBH Communications. Prices will top out around the $20 mark, and the owners aim to make it a lively, casual, and affordable neighborhood place. The menu is still in the works, but there will be shared plates and a strong Chinese influence. Ginger Park won't serve sushi, and sadly it will not be the noodle bar Boston still lacks.

It does sound familiar, though. Myers + Chang -- lively and casual, with plates for sharing and a strong Chinese influence -- is at 1145 Washington St. Ginger Park is at 1375. Haynes insists the two will not compete. "The busier the neighborhood, the better for everybody," he says.