And the Improper Dining Awards go to...

Lydia Shire/ The Hall of Fame Award
Bergamot/ Best New Mid-Priced Restaurant
Dante de Magistris/ The Cracker Jack Award
Basho/ Best Late Night Newcomer
Les Zygomates/ The Supper Club Standout Award
Bistro du Midi/ The Anti-Trophy Award
The Aquitaine Group Restaurants/ The Fantastic Four Award
Ginger Park/ The CPR Award
Noche/ The Night and Day Award
Meritage/ Best Dessert Trend
Deuxave/ The Utterly Unjined Award
Journeyman/ The Biggest Balls Award
Eastern Standard/ The Tenth Player Award
Taberna de Haro/ Sexiest Date-Night Venture
Masa/ The Northeast by Southwest Award

Congrats to all the winners!