Farmstead Recipe; Mustard & Herb Marinated Flank Steak

Straight from the Jennings family cookbook...I am so making this tonight. YUM!!!

Before it's too cold to step outside on the deck to grill, we've got the perfect autumn entrĂ©e . While we prefer local flank steak from our friends at Blackbird Farm or Aquidneck Farms, any juicy cut will do.With the perfect cocktail of fresh torn herbs, spicy mustard and a touch of tamari, this recipe will sing sweet hymns to the carnivore in you. For best results, mix the marinade in a large, non-reactive bowl (stainless steel is perfect). Next, with the flank steak pre-portioned out into large plastic freezer, Ziplock® style bags, pour the marinade over the steaks, seal and shake to thoroughly coat the meat.

Let the steaks sit in the marinade overnight, in your refrigerator. The next day, carefully empty the bags into your sink, reserving the steaks to set aside. On a very hot grill, sear the steaks for approximately three to four minutes per side, depending on the thickness of the meat. Allow the steaks to rest for five to ten minutes before slicing so that they retain their natural juices, and then shave thin. You can serve this marinated and shaved flank steak over pasta, salad, with roasted potatoes, hearty braised greens, or simply, by itself. For an extra kick, spoon some Baboo's mustard onto your plate and slather it on the steak, as you indulge.

Baboo's Mustard & Herb Steak Marinade
Makes 1 pint of marinade- suitable for 2 pounds of steak
1 level cup of Baboo's mustard

1/3 cup of freshly chopped herb mix (we suggest an unusual combination of cilantro, rosemary & parsley)
1/4 cup of tamari (available at your large grocer)
1/4 cup of red wine vinegar

1/2 cup canola oil, to blend (use extra virgin oil if you are feeling fancy)

In a non-reactive bowl, place all ingredients but canola oil. Whisk them together.Once they are combined, slowly drizzle in the oil, continuing to whisk, until the marinade is emulsified. Once the marinade is finished, pour it into the bags with steak.

Cooking Tip: After marinating the steak, grilling the steak, and resting the steak, look carefully at the beautifully grilled meat. You will notice that there is a 'grain' running through the meat. You will want to cut across this grain, in order to ensure you steak remains tender and juicy!

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